The AccuPick 3D allows your robot to easily and effectively bin pick items for use in your production line. Providing the Robot with an incredibly accurate Eye allows you to complete tasks that would normally be un-achievable.

ACCUPICK 3D – Official UK Distributor

Utilising a 3D scanner, 3D point cloud and Artificial Intelligence recognition makes for an ideal picking and placing for a large variety of tasks across all industries. Allowing your Cobot to see opens up a wealth of new options for automation.

  • Fast Processing – The system optimises the time required to scan, pick and process.
  • Recognition – Utilising a neural network it simplifies the trading and allows the recognition of complex patterns and items with a small amount of training
  • Collision options are available to eliminate any problems when picking and moving.
  • Very easy user friendly environment with a step by step guide to aid in setup.
  • Adaptable with all Robot/Cobot brands, with more being added frequently.

Colour Camera

Import CAD Files

No CAD File

Point Clouds Match

Deep learning

Collision Avoidance

2.3M – 5M

Camera Res
Upton 2590 x 2048

Field Of View
310 x 269 ~ 1202 x 1120 mm

Scanning Time
Minimum 0.3-0.8seconds