Franka Emika Panda

Franka Emika Panda

franka emika panda behave like a human arm and all the joint are highly sensitive. franka emika panda have a human touch sense, its arm is agile as that of human arm, it’s easy to set up and use and are completely smart interactive solution. This type of robot called franka emika panda is designed to behave like human arm. One the unique characteristics of the franka emika panda just like the collaborative robot is designed specifically to help humans. franka emika panda is a collaborative robot that is designed for everyone. It is not expensive, it simple to set up and franka emika panda is made in Germany. franka emika panda makes a repetitive job very simple, easy and it if flexible, agile and with accuracy in tasks execution.  franka emika panda helps industries to significantly cut down production costs and save time and at the same time relieve human workers of more demanding tasks.

Panda can be used to do a lot of work ranging from picking up, mounting to fastening screws, testing equipment etc. multiple franka emika panda can be modularly grouped to do the whole production processes or restructured for another job with little effort. In most businesses within a year, franka emika panda leads to a great return on investment. franka emika panda objectives is to make powerful robotic technology available to your business at a small price that is affordable. This award-winning robotic technology called panda has already started changing the way human and machine work together to solve tasks. This German robotics firm called Franka Emika was awarded the prestigious price in 2017 when it was introduced.

One characteristics of industrial robot which franka emika panda is one of them. franka emika panda is a new invention introduced in 2017 to the burgeoning field of collaborative robots.  Panda is a robot arm that is made to be easily programable out of the box and have the capacity to build more copay of itself. franka emika panda cost about $10,00 USD which about 9,900 pounds.

franka emika panda incorporates a novel high-resolution, a sense of touch to accomplish delicate tasks with precision and safety. To program a task, apps panda arranges them sequentially and can be configured through control keys directly on robot to guide it with hand.

For you to learn more about franka emika panda you can contact TQ Franka Solution Centre, they will help you to learn more about the benefits of implementing panda for your specific industry.

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