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Most people view robots as machines that can virtually adapt to every task and perform them accurately and tirelessly. In order to operate safely with human beings, collaborative robots use special systems or designs to overcome certain barriers. There are detailed safety standards available for the development of collaborative robots. All manufacturers must adhere to the set rules and regulations and the robots they create must meet these safety standards.  Read More
Robots are our life, says Jurgen von Hollen, president, Universal Robots. This Denmark-based technology firm has introduced a new class of robots, collaborative robots or cobots, which can work alongside humans with no safety caging. “India is still the newest operations of Universal Robots, but we see tremendous business potential here, especially in the burgeoning small and medium enterprise community,” he tells Sudhir Chowdhary in a recent interaction.  Read More
As part of its “Excellent Plant” initiative aimed at increasing factory performance and reducing production costs, PSA Group is using Universal Robots’ UR10 in its new robotic assembly system. According to PSA Group, the new robotic assembly system has improved worker ergonomics and reduced production costs by two to eight Euros per car—which adds up to 400,000 to 1,600,000 Euros in initial cost savings. Read More
In the middle of a farm of 160 3D printers, the Universal Robots UR10 works tirelessly to keep production running 24/7. Wirelessly monitored, the robot arm is responsible for loading and unloading build plates, then stacking finished prints onto a conveyor belt. It is Voodoo Manufacturing’s secret weapon for competing with injection molding. Read More
Latest technology is being used to enthuse youngsters about engineering and creative writing. Students at Plaistow Hill Infants and Nursery School, King’s Tamerton, will be able to meet Pepper and ask him/her/it for some literary assistance  Read More
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A Birmingham hospital says it has become the first NHS hospital in the country to use pioneering technology to complete hip replacements.  Read More
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Since mid-February 2018, Munich Airport is the first German airport to test a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence.  Read More
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Pepper, a humanoid robot trained to recognise human emotions, was taken to Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) The children, aged three to 13, asked Pepper a number of questions and instructed the robot to carry out various tasks.  Read More
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2018 could be the year small businesses bolster their teams with robots, but don’t worry – they’re here to boost your productivity not replace you.  Read More
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Southend-on-Sea has unveiled a new mini robot which they argue will help the council transform its social care services by freeing up under-pressure staff. Pepper, a small ‘humanoid’ robot, is able to communicate and perceive emotions. It is also able to adapt its behaviour and make independent decisions.  Read More
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Humanoid robots, with cultural awareness and a good bedside manner, could help solve the crisis over care for the elderly, academics say. An international team is working on a £2m project to develop versatile robots to help look after older people in care homes or sheltered accommodation.  Read More
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Pepper, the cutesy humanoid robot, has got a job at Pizza Hut – and could be taking your order by the end of the year Read More
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What if you could pay for automation the same as you do for a temporary employee? What if you only had to pay for the actual hours worked and with no upfront costs or outlays of capital? Read More

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