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Mobile Industrial Robots Stock Mobile industrial robots stock Mobile industrial robots are pieces of machinery which can be programmed to carry out tasks in an industrial setting. This has been used in stationary applications, though, mobile industrial robots announce a new way for lean production. With developments in robotics technology has improved allowing for mobile [...]

Collaborative Industrial Robots

Collaborative Industrial RobotsCollaborative Industrial Robots (COBOTS) Collaborative industrial robots are developed with the aim to perform tasks in partnership with human workers in manufacturing sectors. An industrial collaborative robot also known as cobot, is a robot that has the capacity of learning many tasks in other to help human being. The development of modern technology [...]

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3 main types of industrial robots for use in manufacturing

Rapid technological advancements in automation and robotics have seen their adoption into different sectors. The manufacturing industry has been a significant beneficiary of these advancements where robots have been used to increase the efficiency and speed of processes. Industrial robots are classified into different categories based on their mechanical configuration, power supply control, motion control, […]


Mobile Industrial Robots.

Why are mobile industrial robots better for health & safety? In years gone past, the only way for people to move stock around their commercial premises was with a manually operated forklift truck. Modern advances in technology have seen a much better and increasingly popular alternative be developed though – the mobile industrial robot. What […]

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How can mobile industrial robots boost factory productivity?

Factories are the real backbone of any country’s economy and help the whole nation to thrive. Within these commercial settings, there is a constant need to handle stock and move goods about. In the past, this would have been done via old fashioned manual forklift trucks, piloted by a human driver. However, modern times call […]


Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots - MiRHire or Sales from £65.00 per day + VAT Mobile Industrial Robots - Mir Robot Mir are a leading manufacturer of mobile collaborative robots that provide automated in-house transportation. With easy programming and customised top modules these are a new generation of mobile robots which will give businesses an optimal return [...]


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Distributors Of Cobots and Automation Robots   Increase your productivity and reduce your costs with our cobots. Collaborative Robots Robot Hire Learn to Use Robots Franka Emika Robot Kassow Cobots     Introducing Automation Watch our quick video introduction to Robotics & Automation. Competitive Advantage Easy to Get In order to increase your competitiveness, collaborative […]

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3 key reasons the industrial sector should hire robots

Business models have been disrupted and are being forced to change due to the rise in applied automation. Digitization, future automation, and emerging technologies are all playing a large part in the way businesses are shifting their traditional product/service sales models towards a consumer demand for services and experiences. Industrial automation is changing rapidly and […]


Rise Of Robots-Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning.

Let’s face it; the year 2020 showed us that technology is a lifeline for virtually every industry in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic literally changed our perception and understanding of the world as we know it. While at it, the pandemic also pushed a giant fast-forward button to the future. While the pandemic brought in […]

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Robots In The Workplace

Automation is a key ingredient in order to enhance business growth and there has been much speculation about Robots and A1 technology taking over Human jobs but what these technologies are showing as we advance is that rather than replacing humans, Robots and Robot Automation is working nicely alongside humans, building economies and increasing revenue. […]