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For the very latest robotic technology, allied with reliability and robustness, you can count on Bowl Feeders from Our bowl feeders are recognised as one of the most consistent methods of ensuring a consistent component flow for production machinery.

Vibrator Feeders

Reliatronic vibrator

Reliatronic vibrator is made of special alloys, and has reliable performance, long life endurance and strong power. After long time repeated operation, the electromagnet would not generate heat and the springs have no attenuation. Low noise, easy for mounting, stable feeding & orientating.

Sinfonia Vibrator EA/ER/DM Series

Plastic, easily damaged workpieces for medical and electronic equipment
For low-noise handling of auto automobile parts or other metal parts
Precise equipment and other electronic parts that require highly accurate sorting

Linear Feeders

Reliatronic Flat Spring Linear Feeder

Using frequency converter controller, no need to adjust spring or chip distance;
Easy mounting and positioning, no need further adjustment;
Small amplitude, no vibration interruption between the linear and bowl feeder;
3 models are applicable to various applications.

Reliatronic Rubber Mat Linear Feeder

Using frequency converter controller, no need to adjust spring or chip distance;
Easy mounting and positioning, no need further adjustment;
Small amplitude, no vibration interruption between the linear and bowl feeder;
2 models are applicable to various applications.

Sinfonia Linear Feeder

Simple, uniform vibration Use with heavier chutes and longer overhangs opens a wider range of applications. Consistent, uniform vibration is supplied without the need for adjustment.

Energy saving type
Energy consumption cut by half, compared with our earlier models.

Sinfonia Linear Feeder – Features

Applicable longer and wider linear chutes. Because new LFG series have longer body from conventional models, more long and wide chutes can be applicable.
Stable vibrating conveyance
It prevents move of body caused by vibration with using original vibration isolation rubber.
Withstand load improved
Withstand load improved by applying a long chute
Almost same size of drive unit compared with conventional size.
*Except chute installation tap positions
Ability improved with same size from conventional size.

We provide bowl tops and drive units which are able to work in a synergistic manner, complimenting each other and being able to accommodate components which are native to many different industries. That goes for a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes. We offer multi-magnet drive units which are conducive to feed characteristics that are consistent, causing minimal vibration around machinery.

A valued solution

Fully CE marked and approved, our vibratory bowl feeders are recognised as one of the best solutions for sorting products for assembly lines and machines which are further on in the production process. They are valued for their reliability and efficiency across a broad cross-section of sectors – from electronics to automotive, pharmaceutical, food and packaging. They offer seamless automation integration into components distribution systems, allowing the reliability of materials to be optimised, and for manufacturing costs to be reduced.

The experience and expertise

At, we pride ourselves on our knowledge base in the areas of component feeding and other material handling techniques. Along with vibratory bowl feeders, we are also recognised as a leading provider of magnetic feeders, vibratory hoppers, linear drives and rotary bowls. Not only do we assure the best quality on all of these items, but we can also guarantee competitive prices.

Count on us for a free consultancy are valued by our client base for the free consultancy we provide on the selection and installation of bowl feeders. As the exit orientation of the bowl feeder will be influenced significantly by mass distribution and the parts shape, our experts are here to advise on the best type of product to meet your industrial objectives. If you have grown weary of the potential for human error and inefficiencies which can be the problem with manual labour, then one of our bowl feeder solutions can make all the difference.

Let’s talk

Are you in the process of choosing the best bowl feeder for a certain application? Why not call the leading robotics and cobots suppliers, We are ready to advise on all the key variables – such as your specific industry, product volume and material properties.

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