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1 X UR 3 robot ex demo only used in showroom, £11,000 Training optional extra. Save £7000

  • 6 axis, collaborative table-top robot UR3 applies glue with steady and consistent pressure UR3 tightens screws applying the correct torque.
  • Weight: 24.3lbs
  • Payload: 6.6lbs
  • Reach: 19.7in
  • 360 degree rotation on all wrist joints, infinite rotation on end joint
  • Repeatability: ±0.1 mm (±0,004 in)
  • 5 adjustable, advanced safety settings; force limit: Default 150 N , can be adjusted down to 50N
  • Modular design: exchanging a joint takes less than 30 minutes with one day delivery
  • Improved force control
  • New motherboard with faster boot-up


  • Soldering
  • Gluing
  • Screwing
  • Painting
  • Pick and place
  • Operating hand tools
  • Laboratory work
  • Fume hood tasks

1 X UR 10 robot ex hire 2018 £16,000 Optional installation and training Save £10,000

6-axis robot arm with a working radius of 1300 mm / 51.2 in

Weight: 28.9 kg / 63.7 lb

Payload: 10 kg / 22 lbs

Reach: 1300 mm / 51.2 in Joint ranges: +/- 360°

Speed: Base and Shoulder: 120°/s. Elbow, Wrist 1, Wrist 2, Wrist 3: 180°/s. Tool: Typical 1 m/s. / 39.4 in/s.

Repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm / +/- 0.0039 in (4 mils)

Footprint: Ø190 mm / 7.5 in Degrees of freedom:

6 rotating joints Control box size (WxHxD): 475 mm x 423 mm x 268 mm / 18.7 x 16.7 x 10.6 in I/O ports:

Digital in Digital out Analog in Analog out Controlbox 16 16 2 2 Tool conn. 2

2 2 I/O power supply: 24 V 2A in control box and 12 V/24 V 600 mA in tool

Communication: TCP/IP 100 Mbit: IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX Ethernet socket & Modbus TCP Programming:

Polyscope graphical user interface on  12 inch touchscreen with mounting Noise: Comparatively noiseless IP classification: IP54

Power consumption: Approx. 350 watts using a typical program Collaboration operation: 15 Advanced Safety Functions Tested in accordance with:  EN ISO 13849:2008 PL d EN ISO 10218-1:2011, Clause 5.4.3

Materials: Aluminum, ABS plastic, PP plastic Temperature: The robot can work in a temperature range of 0-50°C Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Cabling:

Cable between robot and control box (6 m / 236 in) Cable between touchscreen and control box (4.5 m / 177 in)

Cobot Bin Picking

1 X Solomon 3D bin picking system ex demo system £18,000 save £8000 installation and training receive a quote

The Accupick 3D from Solomon can pick and place a variety of objects from a bin, thereby reducing the amount of time and energy human workers have to spend completing menial or repetitive tasks. The AccuPick 3D works with 16 major robot brands to transform the learning capacity of current cobots. There is no need for CAD files or complicated programming with the new 3D bin picker. Users will only need to input several images of the objects to be picked, and the machine will intuitively learn to recognise them.

• Reduce training time to recognise complex objects

• No 3D CAD file, not a problem

• 16 Major Robot Brands Supported

• Fast motion planning to prevent bin collisions

• Fast Image Scanning and Processing

2100S Automatic Screw Locking Machine

– £2100

Automatic Screw Locking Machine can feed and lock screw in one step,no need to take screws by hand,so this improve work efficiency and save operating time greatly.No matter how fast you want, it can work well, no screws were stuck, even if the screws were stuck,It can be easy to troubleshoot,When the screws finished working, the machine will automatically prepare next screws,no need to take it by hand.Just align the screw hole directly,and it will be locked by a soft press.It is convenient and quick;The machine has beautiful appearance, new design, it is small and convenient and can be placed anywhere,It is mainly used in electronics, plastics, toys, electrical appliances, communication equipment, etc;

• Applied Screw: M1.5-M5.0
• Screw Length: ≤20mm
• Output speed: 40-60PCS/min
• Size: 365x163x243mm
• Weight: approx. 10.5kg
• Error Rate: 0.03%
• Feeding Mode: Rotary mode feeding screw
• Vibration Mod: Electromagnet