Robot Hire Injection Moulding

Cobots or collaborative robots help to increase workplace efficiency by increasing productivity and reducing the dangers associated with the human operation of heavy machinery and repetitive activities.

Cobots are particularly suited for injection moulding and machine tending applications. Cobots not only make it possible for human operators to spend their time more efficiently, but they can also help boost productivity by minimising overall wasted time. Cobots also help to prevent injuries associated with completing repetitive actions such as repetitive strain injury.

Typically, a human-machine operative will engage in another activity while a part is being moulded, but this usually means that when the part is ready to be taken out of the machine, the human operator is busy completing another action. This means that the device is idle until the part is removed and a new piece is inserted. Likewise, if the human operator waits for the machine to finish moulding the part, then time is wasted while waiting for the process to be completed.

Automating machine tending and injection moulding drastically reduces the amount of time wasted for human and robotic operators alike. Collaborative robots can provide 24/7 machine tending in a wide range of industries, including plastic and polymer production applications.

The main benefit of choosing to hire a cobot rather than a traditional robot lies in a cobot’s ability to collaborate with humans in the environment. Cobots are safer than their older, traditional counterparts and operate with force-limiting technology to prevent accidents. Cobots work autonomously, meaning that even when human employees have gone home for the night, they can continue performing injection moulding actions and tend machines.

Cobots help to decrease idle time for machines and human operators by producing consistent, high-quality results. Cobots can also be programmed and reprogrammed to complete other operations as required, meaning that you may not have to invest in more than one cobot (depending on the demands of your business).

Our range of collaborative robots includes a selection of Universal Robots consisting of three sizes (UR 3, UR5 and UR10) which have payloads of 3, 5 and 10 kilograms respectively. We also stock a range of other high-quality collaborative robots which are suitable for injection moulding processes and other machine tending operations, including the Kassow Robots NEW 7 Axis Cobot. The new addition to the Kassow Robots’ range features a handy tablet for programming that is quick and easy.

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