Future Robot Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence (A1) are transforming businesses and will contribute massively to economic growth. Future Automation in the work place will also transform and machines will compliment, enhance and transform the work that humans do.

Automation and A1 are not a new concept but the technologies that are used are and these technologies have transformed the abilities and capabilities of the Robots significantly.  There are  now a host of advanced robots and more capable autonomous systems. The improvements have been driven largely by improvements in systems and components including software, mechanics and sensors.

Future automation will add to economic growth and rising productivity growth and this in turn will increase rather than reduce job opportunities within many organisations. Partial automation will also become much more prevalent as machines continue to compliment human behavior.  Tasks which are repetitive will be automated ensuring a greater level of safety and productivity allowing staff to move on to more complex tasks.

In certain fields especially those with repetitive tasks, employee’s will move from stacking shelves for example to operating the robots that do the job for them. In the medical sector A1 algorithms that can read diagnostic scans with a high level of accuracy will help and assist Doctors in diagnosing patients and offering suitable treatment.

Robotic Automation

The future of automation means Businesses and Companies need to harness automation and A1 to benefit from enhanced performance within their business. Future automation means that the work force will be a very different place enabling employee’s to develop and learn many new skills and training within the work force will be vital to ensure employee’s understand and are comfortable with the changes which will occur.

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