7 Steps Robot Integration

Our mission at Bots is to make automation accessible to businesses of all sizes. Integrating a robot into a production line or factory environment has many benefits, and can often result in quicker production, lower production costs, and improved health and safety.

The seven steps that we have refined to integrate collaborative robots into your business include (1) telephone consultation (2) site visit (3) planning (4) demonstration (5) quotation (6) installation (7) contract starts

Let’s take a deeper look into what each of these steps entails.

Telephone Consultation
Bots will discuss your business objectives on the phone.

On-Site Visit
Bots will visit your business and review your objectives in conjunction with current space and equipment.
During your site visit we welcome the opportunity for you to walk us through your current processes, and for us together to agree suitable areas for automation. During this time we will also look for potential issues, obstacles or challenges in installing a collaborative robot.

After visiting your site, we will draft together a plan for integrating collaborative robots into your process.
We will do basic modeling of any fixturing or tooling required to be developed. . For us to do this, we may ask for product samples or models/drawings of parts or fixtures.

Bots Demonstration
Preview your robot set up before agreeing to the configuration at Bots headquarters, Birmingham (Optional)
Before agreeing to the integration in principle, you have the opportunity to see a smaller scaled down version of the set up at our headquarters. This is your opportunity to critique our approach and provide feedback on changes that you would like to see incorporated

An official quotation will be provided based on length of hire and tooling required.

Installation/ Set Up
Bots will deliver and install the robot configuration within your premises as demonstrated.

Contract Starts
Your minimum 30-day contract will begin. The contract can be ended at any time with 30 days notice.

Ongoing Support
Once we have completed all of the steps to integrate collaborative robots within your business, we will stay right by your side to ensure that they maintain their efficient operation for as many hours a day as you want them to work. That means that we supply all preventative maintenance as well as any required upgrades to systems. We will build as much flexibility into the worker as possible so that as your production needs change over time we are able to make the accommodations in stride.

Why hire a Robot from

✓ Zero upfront investment
✓ Prices from £2.70 per hour
✓ No long-term commitment
✓ No minimum agreement
✓ We install for you
✓ Training provided