What is a collaborative robot?

A collaborative robot (also known as a cobot) is a robot designed to safely assist a human worker to complete a variety of specific (usually repetitive) tasks. These are different to industrial robots which are robots that usually built and programmed specifically to work on an isolated task behind strict protective measures.

The cobot is programmed for each task by the user, either through software or manual manipulation (moving the joins/axis of the robot into step by step positions)


What is the difference between Collaborative Robots and Industrial Robots?

Collaborative Robots

✓ Programmed to perform multiple tasks
✓ Suitable for handling smaller weights (Under 20kg)
✓ Smaller footprint (Takes up less space)
✓ User Friendly – Easy to program by novice
✓ Approachable when in operation
✓ Protective caging not required
✓ Safety sensors will detect unexpected objects and pause work flow
✓ Low maintenance

Industrial Robots

✓ Usually installed to perform one specific task
✓ Capable of handling large weight (Over 20kg)
✓ Large footprint – Takes up a vast amount of space
✓ Requires experienced professionals to program
✓ Can not be approached when in operation 
✓ Protective caging essential 
✓ Usually does not have safety sensors, and will therefore ignore unexpected objects during work flow
✓ High maintenance

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