Robot and Robot Safety Systems

Robot and Specifically Cobot’s working alongside Humans can be a concern.  Generally Cobot’s are run at safer speeds to allow human interaction and to allow a safe environment for working conditions.

As well as the built in systems there are numerous external add-ons that can make any environment safe.


Proximity Detection

Utilising external sensors Cobot’s can be set to reduce or even stop completely when sensing something is near.  These range from slowing down the Cobot to fully stopping the production.  These can be dependent on the speed the Cobot is running (low speed’s may not require such devices).


In general Cobot’s are run at a lower speed to avoid the need for cages and sensors to detect people getting near.  However this can hinder production especially after a testing period to make sure the Cobot is setup correctly. Fixed Safety Zone’s can be implemented around Cobot’s to allow workers within areas’s the Cobot cannot reach or be potentially dangerous.

Safety Systems

Whilst many different types of safety systems exist we try to tailor the systems to environment the Cobot is situated in.
As well as force limiting safety systems which cause the robot o automatically stop when encountering an obstacle other external systems such as proximity detectors, laser detectors and exclusion zones can be added to tailor the safety to the specific environment.


Monitoring software can provide a easy way to keep tabs on what a Robot/Cobot is doing and allow managers to see where there might be a problem.  Our custom written software allows direct communication locally or online with UR robots allowing you to see production numbers as well as statistics on the Cobot’s throughout the day.
This can be invaluable for monitoring temperatures on joints and the Cobot in general.

Advantages of collaborative robots

-Fast and easy robot deployment, even for small-volume production and fast change-overs

-Easy programming with no experience required

-Re-useable programs for recurrent tasks

-Lightweight for easy redeployment to different machines

-Safe for side-by-side human interaction with patented force-limiting technology

-Increased quality, consistency, and production speed

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