Mobile Industrial Robots Stock

Mobile industrial robots stock

Mobile industrial robots are pieces of machinery which can be programmed to carry out tasks in an industrial setting. This has been used in stationary applications, though, mobile industrial robots announce a new way for lean production. With developments in robotics technology has improved allowing for mobile functions such as goods delivery. This flexibility in manufacturing industries can save companies money and time during the production process, therefore leading to a cheaper end product. There are enough potentials in mobile robot technology to revolutionize industrial sectors though it has come disadvantage. The manufacturing logistics will be modernized to allow robots the autonomy to navigate to different areas for their task. Mobile industrial robots stock talks about the companies where you can find mobile industrial robot.

The following are mobile industrial robots’ stock and they are among the biggest robotic stocks in the world, this includes;

Yaskawa is a japan mobile industrial robot company, they are a leading robotics and automation company with good exposure to china/far east manufacturing.

Fanuc is also a Japan leading mobile robots company with a good exposure in far east and china manufacturing.

ABB is a Switzerland and Sweden major mobile robotics, electrification products, and industrial automation company.

Siemens is a Germany Major mobile industrial robots conglomerate that’s shifting more of its focus toward automation and smart factory solution.

Rockwell Automation is a US based mobile industrial automation company with fast growing industrial internet of things business.

Cognex is a US base mobile industrial robot a world leading machine vision company.

Zebra Technologies is also a US base mobile industrial robot a leading company in scanner, barcode readers and mobile computer that provide support to smart robotics or automation.

Kion Group is a Germany based mobile industrial robot company, and forklift truck manufacturer and leading automation warehouse company.

Intuitive Surgical is US base mobile industrial robot company and also a manufacturer of the leading da vinci robotic surgery system.

iRobot is a US mobile industrial robot company and a consumer robot manufacturer that leads in the robotic vacuum cleaner market. And others.


Mobile industrial robot has become more common in industrial sectors.  Health sectors has been making use of mobile industrial robot to move materials for years now. Warehouses have installed mobile robotic systems to move materials from warehouse effectively to other fulfilment zones. Example of mobile robot is mir100 it is an efficient mobile robot for automation of internal transport.

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