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Mobile Industrial Robots – Mir Robot

Mir are a leading manufacturer of mobile collaborative robots that provide automated in-house transportation. With easy programming and customised top modules these are a new generation of mobile robots which will give businesses an optimal return on investment and a payback period of less than a year.

MiR 500

This is the largest and most powerful robot from MIR. With a speed of 2m p/hour, a payload of 500kg and a footprint of 1350 x 920mm, it automates the transportation of heavy loads and pallets across industries.

Having advanced technology the robot can safely navigate itself to find the best route. If an obstacle comes in its path, it will simply reroute and find an alternative path.

The user friendly MiR500 is durable and robust, it can withstand dropped cargo and can even navigate through shallow water puddles and down ramps

MiR 500

MiR 200

The extremely agile MiR200 autonomously transports up to 200kg and can have customised top modules such as racks, bins, lifts and conveyors. These add ons are easy to change which allows the robot to be redeployed for different tasks.

With built in cameras and sensors, the MiR200 can evaluate its surroundings and plan a safe route. The robots offer a quick return on investment with a payback time of less than a year

MiR 100

MiR100 is a cost effective solution for your inhouse transportation and logistical needs. This robot optimises work flow therefore freeing up staff resources. With a pay load of 100kg this MiR100 can be customised to have modules mounted such as racks, lifts, bins and even a collaborative robot.

It can safely manoeuvre around people and obstacles, through doorways and in and out of elevators. CAD files of the building can be downloaded directly to the robot or programmed with a simple web-based interface and the robot’s mission can be easily adapted using a smartphone or tablet

MiR HooK 200

The MiRHook200 is the perfect solution for wide range of towing tasks. This robot efficiently moves heavy loads between locations in a manufacturing or warehouse facility and even moving food carts in hospital.

The MiRHook200 can transport loads of upto 500kg, providing internal transportation options. the robot identifies carts by QR markers and autonomously transports them as programmed.

MiR Hook100

The MiRHook100 increases the efficiency of internal transportation tasks with an extended payload. This user friendly robot can pickup and tow carts in production, healthcare and logistic environments. The MiRHook100 can transport a load of up to 300kg.

They can be incorporated into a fleet of MiR robots and are flexible enough to meet changing requirements.

Why are mobile industrial robots better for health & safety?
In years gone past, the only way for people to move stock around their commercial premises was with a manually operated forklift truck. Modern advances in technology have seen a much better and increasingly popular alternative be developed though – the mobile industrial robot.

What is a mobile industrial robot?

In simple terms, these are robotic machines that can be pre-programmed to perform the same tasks in a commercial setting that a manual forklift would usually take care of. They are finding great favour in warehouses and factories lately for the many benefits they deliver. As well as increased productivity and reduced labour costs, they are also much better in terms of health and safety in the workplace.

What health and safety benefits do MIR’s give?

More and more factories now are using MIR’s instead of manual forklift trucks to become safer. Here is how these clever robotic machines can help:

Human error removed

You know the big problem with manually operated forklifts? The human inside driving them! Most accidents in warehouses or factories are caused by human error when operating the forklift. Mobile industrial robots eliminate this and instantly make any commercial premises safer by not needing a person to operate them.

Host of safety features included

Another great health and safety advantage of MIR’s is the extensive range of next-gen tech they include to stay safe. This is much greater than the usual features you would get on a manual forklift. From anti-collision sensors to object detection sensors all which happen with lightning-quick reaction speed, MIR’s have many amazing tools included to help make any factory safer to be in.

Reduction of exhaust fumes

We have already mentioned how much more efficient and productive using mobile industrial robots is for business. The great health and safety bonus here is that you will then use less of them, compared to normal forklifts. This means that there will be less machines operating and less exhaust fumes produced overall. Naturally, this makes for a much cleaner and healthier environment for staff or visitors. As technology advances, many MIR’s may even be fully powered by electricity for even greater green credentials.

Help to protect manual staff

For many businesses, it may be the case that MIR’s are used alongside manual forklifts. After all, some jobs may still need that human touch. Mobile industrial robots can still help keep your staff safe though, by taking on the jobs that may be too dangerous or involve working in uncomfortable conditions.

Mobile industrial robots are a winner

As the above shows, when it comes to health and safety, MIR’s have some real advantages to recommend them. If you own a warehouse or factory where goods are moved around each day, they could really help to make it a safer place to be.