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Cheap robot arm

Robot arm is a form of a mechanical arm that is programmable, has close functions with human arm, this arm can be the part of a complex robot. The joints of the manipulator is considered to form a kinematic chain which allow the join to either rotate such as in an articulated robot or translational displacement.

Types of Robot Arm

Cartesian robot.: it’s a type of robot whose arm has three joints used for pick and place tasks, handling machine tools, assembly operations, arc welding etc. this robot axes are equivalent with a gantry robot.

Cylindrical robot: this type of robot is used in handling of machine tools, handling diecasting machine, assembly operations. This type of robot it axes form a cylindrical coordinate system.

Polar robot: this type of robot is used for fettling machines, gas welding, handling machine tools etc. this robot axes form a spherical coordinate system.

SCARA robot: this type of robot is used for handling machine tools, pick and place task, application of sealant etc. this type of robot has two features of parallel rotation joints that offer compliance in airplane.

Articulated robot: this type of robot is used in diecasting, assembly operations, arc welding and spray painting etc. it’s a form of robot that has at least three rotational joints.

Parallel robot: it’s a type of robot used in a mobile platform for handling cockpit flight simulators. Its arms have rotational joints.

Anthropomorphic robot: this type of robot is designed in ways that resembles a human being hand. It has features similar to human hand such as independent fingers and thumbs.

Robotic arms have been designed to satisfy the makers or small-scale manufacturer. A lot of robot arms are available in the market. The prices depend on the type you need or the size of the robot arm one need. For example, there are cheap robots’ arms and expensive one, there are simple arms and complex arms. Because the robot arms use has increase exponentially since 1960s, when they were mainly used for making painting and welding in the automotive industry. All this has contributed to increase in prices of robot arms. Although from recent report the price of robot arms has dropped beyond 20% since 2013, and its predicted to further drop an additional 20 % by year 2025. Robot arm is cost about $25,000 USD to $400,000 USD. But buying a second hand used or refurbished robot arms is cheaper and can reduce the price up to 50 percent there by making cheap robot arms.

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