Cheap Robot Arm

How Cheap Are Robot Arms?

Whilst the term cheap robot arm may be somewhat relative, with the developments in robot arm technology over the last few years, there are now several highly developed and effectively more affordable robot arms available.

Additionally, the development of cobots and the robot hire model has made access to a relatively cheap robot arm much easier.

Whilst the very first Unimation robotic arms would have cost you somewhere in the region of £100,000, the latest robotic arms, designed to satisfy a wide range of use types for the smaller-scale manufacturer, start around a much more affordable, £19,000 mark.

The use of robot arms has increased exponentially since 1960s when they were mainly used for making painting and welding in the automotive industry.  This combined with the advances in technology and an increase in competition has led to a gradual improvement in the affordability and availability of the cheap robot arm

Indeed recent reports show the price of robot arms having dropped over 20% since 2013, and it is predicted to further drop an additional 20 % by 2025.

But buying second-hand, used, or refurbished robot arms is cheaper and can reduce the price by up to 50 percent thereby making cheap robot arms.

Robot Hire = Greater Affordability

The recent development of the robot arm hire market has made it possible for many more businesses to add relatively cheap industrial robot arm solutions to their processes.

At the time of writing it is now possible to hire a collaborative robot for as little as £7.99 per hour. And this includes onsite training, system testing, workflow software and 24/7 support.

And unlike many other hire models, those for cobots and other industrial robots do not often tie you into long-term hire contracts once an initial short-term test period has been completed.

This gives you much more scope to implement, test, and adapt cheap robot arm solutions into your business with the flexibility to scale and/or change as your business develops.

Future Of The Cheap Robot Arm

The ultimate benefit of robot arm technology and financing methods means that you can now get access to a cheap industrial robotic arm from some of the world’s leading and most respected manufacturers, including the likes of Franka Emika, Kassow, Universal Robots and ABB.

Additionally with increased demand to upskill the workforce and automate heavily repetitive tasks within businesses the future and availability of the more affordable robot arm are firmly assured.

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cheap robot arm
cheap robot arms