How can cobots can help with pick and place work?

Cobots are fast becoming a key part of any commercial or manufacturing business. These collaborative robots work alongside humans to perform important roles independently. Many commercial businesses will carry out pick and place work as a part of their daily operations. While human staff may currently do this for you, it is worth thinking about letting a cobot handle it instead.

But how can they help?

Increased productivity

One key benefit of cobots in a pick and place role is the fact they can work 24/7. They need no breaks and do not have to stop working after a set number of hours. Cobots will simply go on performing the pick and place task you set them for as long as you want. This will boost production levels overall and allow your business to get more done.

Faster, more consistent speeds

Humans are great at a whole range of tasks but the human body cannot match robotics in terms of consistent speed. Pick and place cobots can work faster than humans over the same period and also for extended periods as well. Once programmed with their task, a cobot will perform the action at the desired speed with no drop off in performance after a while. This means that your company gets through more work at a quicker average pace over any given shift.

Reliable results

Pick and place tasks can be very repetitive which is an issue with human workers. After a period of time, humans can begin to make mistakes or lose focus due to the nature of the work. Cobots never have this problem and will produce the same excellent results for the whole time they are working. Whether they have been working 1 minute, 10 minutes or 10 hours, you will get consistent results which you can rely on. This also leads to a cost reduction as no mistakes are made which could cost time and money to fix.

Free up human workers

Although pick and place tasks may be key to your operations, they can be laborious for staff. Over time, they could also lead to repetitive strain injuries which they may claim against you for. To help protect your business and free workers from this sort of work, cobots are ideal. They will work away happily picking and placing with no detriment to their health. This leaves human staff free to work on less mundane tasks in order to stay happy and healthy.

Hire the best pick and place cobots today

For many businesses, the best way to integrate a collaborative robot into their workflow is to hire one. Get in touch today for more information on the cobots we have to hire that can help with pick and place work.

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