Franka Emika
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Kassow Cobot
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UR10 (E)
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Low Cost Amazing 7 Axis Cobot

Purchase From £19,999 + VAT • Hire from £65.00 + VAT Per Day

FREE Gripper With The New Franka  Robot

The Franka Emika is an amazing 7 Axis robot Made in Germany. This robot has a payload of 3kg and a reach of 850mm with full torque control

Full training and Installation

Low cost cobot

Everybody expect cobot robots to cost less that what they are currently been sold. Because they are smaller in size, simpler to install and may not need wide-ranging integration with other robots and can be executed without a huge investment in safety infrastructure. The average cost of cobot robot is about $35, 000 USD.

Cobot are robots designed to interact with humans being in a share space to work alongside on the same tasks. The first cobots that were developed guaranteed human safety by having no interior source of motive power. In its place, motive power was offered by the human being. Cobots was invented with a function to allow computer control of motion, by cooperatively redirecting a payload with a human worker. The development of modern technology such as cognitive computing, mobile technology, touch technology and machine vision has made it possible for small robots to be conscious of their environs and do multiple tasks safely that is close to human workers.


Some wonder why there is great different between cobot robot and industrial robot price. This few differences can reduce production cost allow robot industries to sale their robots a low cost. Here are why cobot robots are cheaper. For instance, ur10 from cobot robot and an M-10A from industrial robot. Most cobot robots are designed to have smaller payload, speeds and lower accelerations. The structural components and motor of cobot robot is smaller than a standard industrial robot that is why cobot robot have a low cost.

So, these are the main reason why cobot is cheaper in cost than the price of industrial one. It has a smaller priced hardware and embedded sensors, with no guarding and lower components, that is why cobot have a low cost.


Cobots, also known as collaborative robots, are envisioned to interact with humans in shared space to work securely nearby. Cobots stand in contrast to traditional industrial robots, which are intended to function separately with protection assured by separation from social links. With sensors and other design features such as rounded edges and lightweight materials, collaborative robots (cobots) can interrelate directly with humans. Service robots, which are for domestic and professional use, can be considered to be cobots as they are planned to function together with humans. Cobot collaborative can perform many functions, and it can be used to power repetitive and tasks that are not ergonomic such as fetching and carrying weighty parts, machine feeding, and final assembly.  Cobot collaborative robot enable electronics manufacturers to extend robotics to final finishing tasks and quality inspection.

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