Telepresence Robot UK

ROBOX™ Navigation System

Human-robot interaction and autonomous navigation
3D mapping
User detection and tracking
Obstacle avoidance
Path planning

• ARM Hexa Core
• 360 degrees LIDAR

• 2 depth cameras
• RGB camera
• 5 proximity sensors
• IMU sensor
• 6 Time of Flight linear sensors
• Real-time sensor fusion and data analysis ensures safe fully-autonomous navigation

The development of technology has brought a lot of changes in the way we communicate, go about our business, connect and execute our jobs. The technology or one the technology that brought these changes in the communication industry is telepresence. Telepresence technology is a robotic technology that offers stimuli to a communication user’s senses that makes these users feel as though they are having an effect in another location other their true location.

telepresence robot uk provide user’s the opportunity to affect a remote location. Furthermore, a user has their actions, movement and voice transmitted to another location. The information is transmitted to and from between one user in one location and another in remote location. One of the commonly use of telepresence robot is telepresence video conferencing.  That is the most refined way of video telephony which permits a very developed sense of fidelity of both sound and sight than what we have in old style of video conferencing.

A novelist called waldo in 1948 was the first to envision telepresence technology. Waldo in his book writes about his vision for a remote-controlled economy by suggesting a form of telepresence. This idea was further developed in other books such as brother Assassin. But the man that first coined the word “telepresence” is called Marvin Minsky an American cognitive scientist in n 1980 in an article that drew a concept of teleoperation provide the participants the feeling of being in another location.

Commercially, teleport was renamed telesuite and was founded in 1993. This technological advancement made it possible for people who would have reduce their vacation in other to handle important business can do that comfortably right from where they are. Since the commercialization of telepresence robot especially in UK, telepresence has had a wide range of uses. Application of telepresence robot helps in working in extreme temperatures that may not be good for human life like handling of toxic substances, disarming bombs, space expeditions, remote surgery etc.

Benefits of Telepresence

The key benefits that influence business managers to choose telepresence robot in their operations includes:

  • To reduce traveling expenses
  • It saves time and resource while encourages productivity.
  • It improves workers work life

Telepresence robot uk has provided an opportunity for business that has offices in multiple locations to use this technology to communicate with remote teams.  These workers feel more connected with there coworkers have more freedom around the office.