Vibratory Bowl Feeder Controller

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Vibratory bowl feeders are designed drying, screening, cooling used in feeding separate component part for gathering on industrial manufacture line. parts feeder base, hoppers, orienting rolls, centrifeed units frequently require some means to control their vibration. Therefore, without vibratory bowl feeder controller all the feeder components will function at their maximum speed. For most vibratory bowl feeder controller applications, a variable controller is needed to compensate for variations in machine sequence rates.

Vibratory Bowl feeder relies on the mechanical behavior of a portion, in such a way that when it’s lightly shaken down a conveyor chute that is fashioned to fit the part, they will progressively be shaken so that they are all connected. With the increasing incorporation in the entire manufacturing process, the need for vibratory bowl feeders is from time to time reduced by providing the mechanisms on tape packages that keep them oriented the same way throughout shipping and storage. Vibrating conveyors is made up of vibration damper, vibration motor, support base, trough and other accessories.

Vibratory Bowl feeder’s controller are used by many manufacturing companies such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, automotive, food, Fast Moving Consumable Goods, packaging, and metalworking companies. It also serves other businesses, including construction, foundry, steel, glass, recycling, paper, and plastics.  It also provides a cost-effective substitute for physical labor to save manufacturers labor cost and time. Many factors must be put into consideration when choosing a parts feeder, such as the industry, material properties, application, and product size.


Vibratory Bowl feeders’ controllers are the most sophisticated reliable, useful and robust unit available in the market today and it’s also the smoothest way of handling and sorting bulk products for further processing and packaging in a production line.

The controller’s models such as 4500E series DC motor/Centrifeed controllers are intended to manage permanent magnet motors like Orienting Rollers and part feeder based. 6000 series of controllers are used to vary the vibration is Vibrating Bowl Feeders, electric vibrators and other devices. The 6400 series regulator is available in Nema-1 over-all purpose inclusion and structures a digital display.

The 6450 series controllers are available in a Nema-1 over-all purpose inclusion and the vibration sensors are available in many models. The 9150 series dynamite controller is cheaper and affordable for small industry for controlling their industrial vibrations.

There are different types of vibratory bowl feeders’ controllers. Each of them has its way of functioning, it has both advantages and disadvantages, being familiar with the advantages and the disadvantages will help one in making right decision about choosing the correct controller. Some of these controllers are:

  • Electronic Voltage Controllers
  • Analog Frequency Controllers
  • Digital Frequency Controllers
  • Feedback Control etc.