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A Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation  called ABB with it headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, deals  mainly in robotics,heavy electrical equipment,  power,  automation technology areas, In the year 2015 ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) introduced YuMi, which the first collaborative robot to be design in the world. They have overtime changed one’s view of robotics by changing the status quo.


ABB’s new YuMi collaborative robot is the start of a new era in robotics. The name actually is ,YuMi, which stands for You and Me.  YuMi is the word first cobotdual arm robot, intended to work together with and integrated with humans. This dual arm ABB robot is perfect for small parts assembly and is really safe and very accurate. With a simple human touch, the robotics programmed to stop what it is doing in less than a second.  No fencing, no need for light curtains, no need for safety systems.  That is mostly because all of YuMi’s safety devices are built into the robot. This robot is the future of robotics and comes with the advanced ABB IRC5 controller, it comes with the TrueMove and QuickMove technology and I/O interfaces include Ethernet IP, Profibus, USB ports, DeviceNet, communication port, emergency stop and air-to-hands.

YuMi can work with a variety of HMI devices, including tablets and smartphones.  It’s hands or servo grippers, have the option of a builtamera, the padding on the arm makes it soft to touch, and its 100-240-volt power supply plugs into any socket worldwide.

Collaborative robots are proficient at adding flexibility to assembly processes that need to make small lots of completely individualized products, in short cycles.


ABB YuMi try to  combine people’s exceptionalcapacity to acclimatize to change with the robot’s tireless stamina for specific, repetitive jobs, YuMi has made it possible to automate the assembly of different types of products on the same line.

Below are some highlighted features of the Robot;

  • YuMi is a human friendly robot, created to work hand-in-hand with man.
  • One of the most important things built in its functionality is safety
  • It is dual armed with means that it does more than your usual robots can.

ABB claims that the whole of YuMi products is designed to be easy to setup and use, thanks to its intuitive lead through programming.  This simply means that everyone, including people who had no special training whatsoever or prior on robot use,  can successful  these robots.

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