Universal Robots ur5

Universal Robots ur5 hire

The universal robots ur5 is a flexible collaborative robot arm built with the future in mind. Ur5 is designed with the capacity to grow together with your business, it serves as a springboard to improve qualities of product and productivity to make you able to stay ahead of your competitors. universal robots ur5 is capable to match production irrespective of your industry, product nature and company size. universal robots ur5 is adaptable industrial robot that handles medium-duty applications with definitive flexibility. The universal robots ur5 is intended for a wide range of application and seamless integration. This universal robots ur5 performance in 4hours can take a manual labour about 2-3days to accomplish.  This technological development has enabled local manufacturers compete with other companies overseas.

universal robots introduce to you the collaborative robots ur5, it is a vastly flexible robot arm that empowers robots to carryout repetitive and dangerous tasks. By doing this free up your workers time to use in adding value to other stages in your production process. universal robots ur5 is capable of handling a load up to 5kg with a radius of 850mm, which is perfect solution for small weight cooperative processes like testing, picking and placing.

universal robots ur5 in short:

  • Automate jobs that is up to 5 kg (11lbs)
  • Reach out to radius that is up to 850 mm (33.5 in)
  • It offers quickest payback time.

The good thing about universal robots ur5 is that it is very easy to fix and program. It provides the quickest payback times to the manufacturers. It takes less than half a day to set-up universal robots ur5 according to customers reports. The unpacking processes takes less than an hour to be performed by workers who are not trained. Programming of universal robots ur5 is super instinctive using the 3D visualizers. Human workers will simply move the universal robots ur5 to the desired position and then make use of the very easy to use tablet (touchscreen tablet)

The universal robots ur5 are truly loaded with a lot of benefits and it stand as a game changer among universal collaborative robot manufacturing.

For further information about universal robots ur5, you can contact company like RobotWorx. This company can integrate a universal robots ur5 using the correct and unique tools, equipment and configuration required to fit your robotics needs. They have extensive knowledge in the automation processes.

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