Robotics And Automation Made Easier.

One of the concerns businesses have with Robot implementation into their work areas is training staff. Many falsely believe that Robot software is complicated and staff will be unable to be retrained on how to use them.


Wizard easy programming is a graphical programming method created to enable users to easily create Robot application Programs for ABB single arm YuMi Collaborative Robot, this omits the need for special training.


The software is built on the concept of Blocky which is an open source visual coding method which presents code in blocks.  This simplified approach allows users to program and use the single arm YuMi Robot without any experience or prior knowledge of any programing knowledge.


Wizard easy programing makes using the YuMi easy and safe and includes essential Robot functions such as Vacuum, move and pick and includes functions for error handling.  The software simplifies complex programing often associated with handling errors.  Wizard easy programing allows users to create highly effective Robot Programs.


Collaborative Robots are allowing businesses to experience the use of robots within their organization.  They also allow businesses to experience how Robot automation can improve and increase productivity without worrying that Robot software is too complicated for staff retrain.


Wizard easy programing is converted in real time into ABB’s RAPID programing language which can support advanced Robot functions.  Wizard is available as a pre- installed application on the FlexPendant device for all new single arm YuMi Robots and the software is available for free and the software made available to existing YuMi customers as a free add in that can be installed via Robot studio  to the FlexPendant.