Uk Robot Automation

UK Automation lags behind many other Countries such as Japan and America who have three times as many Robots in the work place compared with the UK.  The new challenge for any business now is not the challenge of putting robots in the work place but rather the effects this will have when other countries adopt new concepts, technologies and opportunities. This all means that the UK could lose the initiative when it comes to staying ahead in many industries.

Many mistakenly believe that the introduction of new robots and AI within industries will lose job roles but actually whilst employee’s will initially be moved to other roles, the opportunities that will open because of automation far out way the risk. Many workers will have the opportunity to learn new and more complex skills whilst automation takes care of repetitive tasks within the work place. Although some readjustment is needed and will happen as UK Automation increases, the future for many industries looks incredibly positive.

UK Automation

Many Businesses especially those within the manufacturing sector are now recognizing the benefits for their Companies that automation will bring.  In the past a lack of understanding has harmed business productivity but as our understanding improves and the benefits of robots in the work place becomes recognized, UK automation will increase dramatically over the next five years.  The transition will see a more automated work place and improvements for both business productivity, employee opportunities and employment.

The government are encouraged to bring forward proposals for a new tax incentive and this will encourage investment in new technology such as automation and Robots which will increase dramatically over the next five years within many industries.