Robot Arm Machine

Robot Arm Machine

The common engineering robot is the robot arm. A typical robot arm machine has about seven metal segments, joined by six links. This robot arm machine work by using computer controls to rotate the individual motors linked to each joint and some larger robot arm machine make use of pneumatics. The robot arm machine has a shoulder, elbow and wrist that is equivalent to human.

Robot arm machine is a form of a mechanical devices that is programmable, that performs close functions such as human hand human arm, this arm can be the part of a complex robot. The joints of the manipulator are considered to form a kinematic chain which allow the join to either rotate such as in an articulated robot or translational displacement.

Types of Robot Arm Machine

SCARA robot arm: this type of robot is used for handling machine tools, pick and place task, application of sealant etc. this type of robot has two features of parallel rotation joints that offer compliance in airplane.

Articulated robot arm: this type of robot is used in diecasting, assembly operations, arc welding and spray painting etc. it’s a form of robot that has at least three rotational joints.

Parallel robot: it’s a type of robot used in a mobile platform for handling cockpit flight simulators. Its arms have rotational joints.

Anthropomorphic robot arm: this type of robot is designed in ways that resembles a human being hand. It has features similar to human hand such as independent fingers and thumbs.

Cartesian robot arm: it’s a type of robot whose arm has three joints used for pick and place tasks, handling machine tools, assembly operations, arc welding etc. this robot axes are equivalent with a gantry robot.

Cylindrical robot arm: this type of robot is used in handling of machine tools, handling diecasting machine, assembly operations. This type of robot it axes form a cylindrical coordinate system.

Polar robot arm: this type of robot is used for fettling machines, gas welding, handling machine tools etc. this robot axes form a spherical coordinate system.

SCARA Robot Arm


Articulated Robot Arm


Robot arm machine is a type of machine that is designed to carry out function that would have been done with human hand such as welding, spinning etc it works according to the application. Robot arm machine for instance in automotive assembly line do a lot of works like rotating the parts, welding, placement during assembly etc.

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