Industrial Robot Brands

An industrial robot is a robot system that is used in manufacturing companies. An industrial robot is automated, capable of movement on multiple axis and programmable too. Typical applications of robots comprise painting, welding, disassembly, packaging and labeling, pick and place for printing circuit boards, product inspection; all accomplished with speed and accuracy. They can be of help in handling materials in production line. The most commonly used robot for industrial automation, include articulated robot’s gantry robot and SCARA robots.

International Federation of Robotics (IFR) In 2015 estimated that about 1.64 million industrial robots were in operation globally. Some robot a designed to carry out specific repetitive actions with variations and with a high degree of precision. The earliest industrial robot was completed by Bill Griffith P. Taylor in 1837. Robotics was achieved using perforated paper tape to boost solenoids, that will enable the movement of the crane’s controller heights. In the context of universal automation, my kinds of industrial robots would fall into the class of robot arm.


Top Industrial robot brands are;

Abb: abb is one of the leading industrial robots’ manufacturers. They have clients in more than 53 nations and has installed more than 300,000 robots globally for various companies. Reports shows that abb has made over 9.14 billion dollars under robotics and motion division in recent year.

The Yaskawa Electric Corporation: an all-electric industrial robot called motorman was launched by Yaskawa Electric corporation in Japan in the year 1977. Since then Yaskawa Electric corporation has become one the market leader in the field of robots. Yaskawa Electric corporation provides automation products for virtually every industrial and robotic application such as spot-welding robot, assembling robot, arc welding robot, semiconductor wafer transfer robot.

Midea Group (KUKA): they are well known player in the worldwide robotics segment with subsidiaries in not less than 30 countries with approximately 14 thousand workers.  Some of KUKA products are heat and dirt resistant robots, shelf-mounted robots, press to press robot, palletizing robots.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries: they are one of the top 10 leading manufacturers of industrial robots with a wide product portfolio. Kawasaki Heavy Industries provides robot solution for aerospace, machinery, metal manufacturing, plastic & Rubber, semiconductor industries etc. Kawasaki Heavy Industries worth billions of dollars revenue under precision Machinery and robot business segment.

The Fanuc Corporation: they are major player in industrial robot.  Fanuc Corporation offers many robot models not less than 100. And their robot also come in many sizes with diverse payload, the examples are, SCARA robot, Arc welding robot, palletizing robot, collaborative robot etc

There are many other industrial robot brands that you can find in the market and internet.