Automated Industrial Technologies

Automated industrial technologies

Automated industrial technologies develop, designs and produce production machinery and equipment used for the testing of automotive, electronics, lumber, medical, defense, food, pharmaceutical industries etc. using a rapid prototyping, innovative solid modeling and with our own proprietary concept development,  methods, we can construct, install and support cost justified solutions for  automating operation such as stamping, laser making, wrapping, gluing, welding, filling, roll coating, sawing, stacking and sealing.

Since industrial revolution, manufacturers have constantly desired ways to automate their production processes thereby making their product more efficient. As industrial processes changes with new technologies, the need for expert technicians who are able to fix and maintain automated machines increase. Automated industrial technologies programs will prepare someone for a good working career in facility that relies on robots, electronic system, programmable controls etc. the capability and efficiency of automated industrial technologies have all it takes to replace the need for human workers in manufacturing industry.

Automated industrial technologies started the designing and maintaining the complex mechanical and electrical control systems that helps to keep automated manufacturing lines up and running. automated industrial technologies are the use of control systems such as robots and information technologies for carry out various processes in the industries in an effort to replace human workers. It is the second step ahead of computerization in the scope of industrial development.

Automated industrial technologies armed to increase quality, productivity and flexibility in production processes.  Their earlier purpose was to increase industrial production since automated systems can work for 24 hours a day, and to reduce the cost associated with using human operators. But today the focus of automated industrial technologies has shifted to increase the quality and flexibility in production processes. However, automated industrial technologies have the advantages of lower cost operation; the use of automated industrial technologies in manufacturing processes remove healthcare costs, paid leave and holidays associated with human operators. Furthermore, the use of automated industrial technologies in industrial lines does not need other workers benefits such as pension coverage, graduates, bonuses etc. although automated industrial technologies has a high initial cost it saves the monthly wages of the workers which results to substantial cost savings for the company. The cost of maintaining machineries used for automated industries is far less because it does not often spoil.

Automated industrial technologies have recently found more acceptance from different industries because of its great benefits, such as high quality, increase in productivity and provide safety at low cost.