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Universal Robots Price List

Universal robots price list

Universal robots are a robot’s products from a Danish a manufacturer of a smaller flexible industrial cobots arms, this company based in Odense in Denmark.

The business worth in 2018 was £234 million USD. Universal robots were designed by an engineer called Esben Ostergaard, Kristian Kassow and Kasper stoy in 2005, during joint research at the syddansk University, Odense. They discovered and concluded that robotics market was controlled by expensive, heavy robots. As a significance they developed this idea to make robots available and accessible to small and medium sized industries.

Universal robots price list includes:

Universal ur3- ur3e industrial robot cost about £20,000 – £30,000 from online market report

Universal ur10- ur10e collaborative industrial robots cost between £20,000 – £30,000

Universal 6 – axis industrial robot cost about £22,500 – £41,500  from online market platform

High speed 4 6 axis arm industrial robot universal for sale and the price is between £1,000.89 – £2,300.01  from current online market

1:10 mini universal robots’ plastic industrial robot model cost for £8 – £9  only

IKV new arrival heavy duty 6 axis industrial robot universal robotic cost between £6,000 – £19,000  from current online market reports

They have developed robots in different models and sizes including;

Ur5 robots was launched in 2008, it is a flexible collaborative robot arm built with the future in mind. Ur5 is designed with the capacity to grow together with your business, it serves as a springboard to improve qualities of product and productivity to make you able to stay ahead of your competitors. universal robots ur5 is capable to match production irrespective of your industry, product nature and company size. universal robots ur5 is adaptable industrial robot that handles medium-duty applications with definitive flexibility.

universal robots price list
universal robots price list

The universal robots have also ur3 robots was launched in 2015, ur3 is a smaller collaborative tabletop cobot (when compare with ur5), good light assembly function and automated workbench scenariors. The universal robots ur3 weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but it has a payload of 6.6 lbs that is 3 kg, it rotates +360-degree on all writ joints, and rotate infinite on the end joint. The universal robots ur3 has a solid form factor that make ur3 a good fit for tight workspaces. Its small footmark is great for bench-tops or directly build inside machinery, making suitable for screwdriving applications and light assembly.

While ur10 robots was launched in 2012 it was the second cobot launched by universal robots.

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