Universal Robot Ur3

Introducing Universal Robot UR3 

Universal Robot UR3 is an industrial Robotic Arm designed to simulate repetitive manual tasks with up to 3kg of weight.

Functionality of the UR3

Automate tasks up to 3kg
CNC Machinery
Injection Molding
Pick & Place

Benefits of the UR3

Easy to program
Health & Safety compliant

Universal robots ur3 is a smaller collaborative tabletop cobot, good light assembly function and automated workbench scenariors. The universal robots ur3 weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but it has a payload of 6.6 lbs that is 3 kg, it rotates +360-degree on all writ joints, and rotate infinite on the end joint. The universal robots ur3 has a solid form factor that make ur3 a good fit for tight workspaces. Its small footmark is great for bench-tops or directly build inside machinery, making suitable for screwdriving applications and light assembly. The universal robots ur3 was sophisticated, smooth and fast. It has the exact precision that everyone really wanted. These unique features make universal robots ur3 the most lightweight collaborative tabletop cobot to work along side with human employees in market today.

Universal robots ur3 is designed with the ability to grow together with your business, it serves as a catalyst to improve qualities of a product and productivity to make you able to stay ahead of your competitors. Universal robots ur3 is capable to match production irrespective of your industry, product nature and company size. Universal robots ur3 is adaptable industrial robot that handles medium-duty applications with definitive flexibility.

Universal robots ur3 is the best assistant in assembly, glue, polish and bolt applications needing uniform product quality. The Universal robots ur3 can be used also in a distinct workstation mounted on the table to pick, assemble and place parts in optimized flows production.  Because of Universal robots ur3 compact form and easy to program, its easy to switch it between tasks to meet agile production requirements, resulting in reduced ownership cost and an ultra-fast payback period.

Universal robots ur3 uses span manufacturing companies from medical devices to electronic components and to circuit board. The ur3 is the smallest cobot form universal robots and is a good choice for any company looking forward to automating applications that need 6 – axis capacities where cost, safety and size is critical.  The Universal robots ur3 comes with a 6 – axis articulated arm that can do a lot of work including pick and place, screwing, soldering, glueing, painting etc while working in a close partnership with human employees.

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Used for INDUSTRIAL purposes
Sectors include:
✓ Aerospace
✓ Automotive
✓ Catering
✓ Electronics
✓ Packaging
✓ Machine Tooling


✓ Automate tasks up to 5kg
✓ Assembly
✓ Bin Picking
✓ Loading & Unloading
✓ Packaging
✓ Painting
✓ Pick & Place

Hire Universal Robot UR3 from £2.70 per hour


Hire Universal Robot UR3 for a length of your choice. Option to purchase or return at the end of rental agreement

360 Degrees
180 Degrees / Sec

360 Degrees
180 Degrees / Sec

360 Degrees
180 Degrees / Sec

Wrist 1
360 Degrees
180 Degrees / Sec

Wrist 2
360 Degrees
180 Degrees / Sec

Wrist 3
180 Degrees / Sec

3kg/ 6.6 lbs

500mm/19.7 in

Degrees of freedom
6 rotating joints

Polyscope graphical user interface on 12 inch touch screen

Weight (with cable)
11 kg / 24.3 lbs

Cable length

Power Consumption
Min 90W, Typical 125W, Max 250W

I/O Power Supply In Tool
12V/24 V 600 mA in tool

Universal Robots UR3 Technical Details

500 mm / 19.7 ins

3 kg / 6.6 lbs

149 mm/5.9 ins

11 kg / 24.3 lbs