Univeral Robot Hire
Kassow May 2023 Offer

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS are industry-leading automation experts that specialise in hiring out industrial robots and collaborative robots to businesses up and down the country. Cobot and robot hire has never been more accessible or more affordable than with! So, if you are looking to hire a Universal Robots brand of robot, look no further!

Why choose Universal Robots?

Universal Robots is a Danish robot manufacturer that supplies three types of collaborative robots including UR3, UR5 and UR10. The three differently sized robot sizes can be incorporated into a diverse range of environments from the automotive industry to industrial product development, assembly and packaging.

Universal Robots price depends upon the size of the product chosen (i.e. either UR3, UR5 or UR10) and the length of time the robot will be required. Each Universal Robots’ robot is designed with six points of articulation and wide range of manoeuvrability, to help you increase workplace efficiency and reduce staff training costs by simulating the range of motion of the human arm.

The size of Universal Robots collaborative arm best suited for your business will depend upon the heaviness of objects transported by the robot. stock three types of robot arm from Universal Robots with three differing payloads 3kg, 5kg, 10kg and 16kg.

What are robots and cobots?

Robots and cobots replace human machine operators to increase efficiency and minimise the possibility of workplace accidents and repetitive strain injury. Traditional robots are designed to complete specific tasks, independent of their external environment.

Cobots (or collaborative robots) were created in 1995 in an attempt to make robots more interactive with humans and the world around them. Cobots are, therefore, a safer alternative to traditional robots as they respond to external stressors via advanced sensors and flexible programmes.

What type of robots and cobots are available?

Cobots and robots can be used in nearly any setting that would benefit from further automation. For example, rather than hiring a human operator to stand by a CNC machine all day making sure that operationality remains at a high level: you can hire a cobot to do the job instead! Cobots are also frequently used in a wide range of other applications including painting, packaging, CNC tending and injection moulding.

How can you do Universal Robots training? offer one-day training courses to aid in understanding the use and application of a Universal Robots collaborative robot. We will bring a cobot arm to your site to demonstrate how cobots could help automate your business and provide training for up to 5 people.


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