Business Automation

Many business owners are making the decision to automate areas of their business and can see the huge benefits in doing so but for others, there are still many questions about automation and whether it would be good for their business.

One of the most important questions raised when we talk about automation is expense and many business owners are concerned by this. Investing in Robots and automation does require an investment but many won’t automate all areas of their business to start with, they will choose the most labor intensive areas where Robots will increase productivity, cut costs and save expensive mistakes. Although many believe that Robotization is expensive, the costs have reduced considerably over the last few years and compared to traditional Robots, Cobots are considerably cheaper.

Another concern is the reduction in staffing levels, many believe that automation will instantly cut jobs but Robots and automation actually increase jobs as productivity is increased. Cobots also allow repetitive tasks to be automated which creates a safer environment for staff. Automation also opens the door for Staff to get better training and move to more interesting areas within an organization.

Automation in the UK is far behind many other Countries and that is largely due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of how Cobots can improve your business. Many believe that automation is not necessary but if businesses don’t jump on board, industries especially manufacturing will fall behind and be less competitive.

Another concern is understanding how to use Robots and many mistakenly believe they do not have the expertise but technology has advanced dramatically over the last couple of years and staff can be successfully trained on how to use the Cobots using user friendly software.

Lastly Businesses worry about the impact on staff if they automate areas of their business and it is true that resistance to change is very real but this is largely due to fear of change and once staff understand the benefits of automation and the job opportunities that will arise, they will understand the benefits.