Automation are specialists in the manufacture and design of automated assembly machines along with special purpose machines. This includes machinery such as robotic systems, handling and feeding systems, and rotary indexing tables, amongst others. Our top quality automated machines provide efficient solutions across a wide range of business sectors.

Here at, we are proud to be at the cutting-edge of automated technology. Our precise and accurate machines are market leading and used by the planet’s most respected manufacturers.

Superior automated solutions for assembly

When it comes to running a successful manufacturing business, finding an efficient and cost-effective way to assemble your products is key.

By far the best method to achieve this is with the automated machines we can supply. Here at, our expert team of experienced designers are highly skilled in developing bespoke automated assembly machines that deliver. Whether your business is in the medical, automotive, pharmaceutical or electronics sector, our automated kit can help improve your workflow. We have a wide variety of machine types to suit any industry. From poka yoke mechanical machines to automated assembly lines, our knowledge means we can provide industry leading machines to help improve productivity.

What bespoke automated assembly machines can we supply?

If you are looking for innovative automated assembly machines, we can help. We supply:

– Flexible automatic assembly machines

– Innovative automation systems

– Full or semi automated assembly and production lines

– System development and integration

– Turnkey solutions for sorting and assembly

Just get in touch today or browse our website for more details on the automated machinery options we carry.

What special purpose machinery does supply?

Alongside our automated kit, we can also supply special purpose machinery, including:

– Assembly and testing

– Automated production lines

– Robotic handling systems

– Pick and place machinery

– Poka yoke machinery

– Automated orientating and parts handling

– Manual workstation kit

– Control systems

– Processing and packaging machinery

– Machines for quality control and visual inspection

– Cutting and welding special machinery

If you would like to find out more about the special machinery that we can supply, get in touch today for further details.

Check out our rotary and CAM indexing systems

For many businesses, CAM indexing systems and rotary systems are a key part of their set-up. Here at, we can also help supply this type of equipment too. From rotary indexing tables to high performance conveyor machinery and linear track systems, we can make sure you get the specific piece of equipment you need.

We also stock many types of robotic systems to suit your needs. These include:

– 6/7 axis equipment

– Scara and Cartesian systems

– Robotics and handling

– Collaborative systems

– Robot programming and integration

Robotic welding

– Fast pick and place systems

Vision and inspection systems

– Visually guided robotic systems

Let our other automated equipment help

As well as all the above, also stock a wide choice of inspection and vision systems. From sensing machinery to those that help with inspection and guidance, our top quality automated machines can do it all. If you need feeding and handling machines, then we are the people to trust also. Our bowl and linear feeders will help drive workplace efficiencies while other equipment such as our centrifugal feeders and step feeders will boost your productivity.

Why choose

With shorter product life cycles, regular updates to products and smaller batch sizes, the pressure on modern industry is great. The cutting-edge automated technology that have developed enables manufacturers to meet these demands in a truly flexible way. Our automated and special machinery can handle multiple products and any additions with amazing efficiency and minimal downtime.

Combining value for money with the best quality machines around, we are confident your business will thrive with our help.