UR5 Cobots and Vision Inspection

There are numerous reasons for business owners to invest in Cobots UR 5 and many of these reasons are covered by the benefits to a business by increasing productivity and making it a safer environment but there are other specific reasons why Cobots can benefit your business hugely.

When operators are working with hundreds of parts a day, they can become blind to defects and flaws in those products, Cobots never have this problem. Operations manager Tim mead from Zippertubing in Arizona USA describes how a UR5 Cobot tends to the snap-set machines which add thermal wrap around the hoses, Cables and Pipes. The cycle lasts for 25 seconds and ends when the UR5 places the piece under a vision camera to determine whether the snaps are added correctly, this will then instruct the UR5 to either place in the good or scrap pile.

The UR5 Cobot greatly speeds up the process but it also will help to produce only the best quality goods. Many businesses using the UR5 Cobots have reportedly gone from having some product returns to none using the UR5 Cobot system.

There are many problems that occur when trying to find staff for repetitive tasks within a business, often there is a high turn- over of staff and difficulty securing those staff. With the UR5 Cobot, these issues disappear and production capacity increases dramatically.

One of the trickiest parts of operating the UR5 and the vision camera is being able to get the Robot to talk to the camera. The Robot simply takes feedback from the 3D  Camera and if there is no feedback, the parts are abandoned in the poor pile, if feedback is given, the part will be processed into the good pile.

The UR5 is a Callaborative Robot that is often chosen for its versatility, the UR5 Robot is very versatile and can be integrated easily. In areas of a business where repetitive tasks are carried out safety can be a problem but by using the UR5 Robot, safety in the work place can be greatly improved.

Comprehensive Logistics is a Company that requires 100% quality on its product line. The company based in Ohio requires a very fast production line with engine parts moving like clockwork on a conveyor with a 60 second take time for each station. The line leaves no room for error and if there is an intermittent loose connection or they are not locked in place, catastrophic errors can occur. The system must be 100% accurate and with manual inspection only 80% can be achieved, when using the UR5 Robot 100 % is achieved.