Palletizing Robot

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Some of Palletizing robot companies offers palletizing models that is developed for high speed and for a long-reach palletizing system. Industrial palletizing is the loading and offloading industrial products such as bottles, cartons, boxes etc into pallet. Automated palletizing is an industrial robot palletizer executing the operation of palletizing automatically.

Palletizing robot

Palletizing robot is a machine that provides automatic means of stacking products into a pallet. Placing boxes on a pallet manually can consume a lot of time and expensive which can also put unnecessary stress on the part of workers. In 1948, a company formal known as Lamson Corp designed, built and installed the first automated Palletizer. Because a high speed of palletizer was needed in 70s the in-line palletizer was developed.  This type of palletizer uses a steady motion flow divider that controls the products into the needed area on the layer platform.

Palletizing robot were introduced in the 1980s have arm tool that look like human arm that is used to grab the goods from the conveyor and position it to a pallet.  Both old style and robot palletizers  have the capacity to receive product in a high elevation that is between the height of  84” – 2.13m to 124” – 3.15m or lower floor level that is between 30” – 0.76m to 36” – 0.91m. The end arm tool was attached to Palletizing robot in recent years to accommodate a variation pack pattern.

Palletizing robot is a demanding application of stacking products, bottles, boxes, cartons, bags onto pallets which is the last step in the manufacturing line before loading these products into shipping truck. Three major challenges of Palletizing robot in industry is pattern flexibility, cycle time and tooling flexibility.


Palletizing robot are seen in many manufacturing industries today, including in shipping, manufacturing, food processing etc.  large variety of Palletizing robot are available in the market especially in the online platforms with a wide range of playload and reach. Because of various end of arm tooling styles in Palletizing robot it allows for flexibility. By introducing automating in your business with a Palletizing robot you can increase the reliability of your products loading and offloading.

Some of the companies that specializes in making Palletizing robot are FANUC, Motoman, ABB and KUKA. Many factories have automated their operation with Palletizing robot. Palletizing robot technology has enabled manufacturers to increase their productivity and make more profits while allowing for more flexibility and reliability.

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