Manufacturing Automation UK

Manufacturing automation UK

Manufacturing is a process of making goods using hand or machine which upon completion the business or the manufacture product will be sold to customers. While automation is technological procedure that perform tasks with minimal human assistance. Automation has been carried out through diverse means which includes hydrautic, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical devices and computers usually in combination.

The UK manufacturers views on automation by Jonny Williamson. The UK according his report invest little in automaton and robotics when compare to other developed economies. In Asia countries China currently demonstrations the soundest robotic development. The fifth largest industrial robots market today is Germany and the largest in Europe. You have to go down down the list because you can locate the position of UK in industrial robots.

One of the most essential areas of application of automation technology is manufacturing. To many, automation is manufacturing automation. manufacturing automation UK has been common since 1970s. technological advancement in robotics, machine learning, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence has improved manufacturing automation in UK. Collaborative robots also known as cobots are gaining ground across the industry. But instead of taking over from human workers completely they can work together with humans to reduce hazards and improve efficiency.

In addition to being able to work together with human workers, unlike other robots, cobot or collaborative robots can be more versatile. Because of their small nature they can handle multiple jobs such as pick and place operation for the products that are on a production line. It can help to eradicate dangerous tasks, making more time available for human for more satisfying tasks.


Most of the standard manufacturing automation providers like ABB offer collaborative robots and specialized vendors like Universal robots experience quick development in responding to market forces.

Manufacturing automation in UK are the key to creating job opportunities and increasing productivity that thriving manufacturing automation sectors requires. These are some of the manufacturing automation in UK;

Midea Group (KUKA): they are well known player in the worldwide robotics segment with subsidiaries in not less than 30 countries with approximately 14 thousand workers.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries: they are one of the top 10 leading manufacturers of industrial robots with a wide product portfolio. Kawasaki Heavy Industries provides robot solution for aerospace, machinery, metal manufacturing, plastic & Rubber, semiconductor industries etc.

The Fanuc Corporation: they are major player in industrial robot.  Fanuc Corporation offers many robot models not less than 100.

Automation is the key for the industries or companies in the future.

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