Robotics And Automation Will Create New jobs In The New Normal.

Many are describing this very peculiar time as the new normal and as new businesses strive to find ways of continuing to operate as best they can, they are also finding ways of doing things better.


A greater push towards Robot Automation is happening naturally and many insiders believe that whilst some jobs will be lost in some sectors, many more will be created. It is predicted that A1 and Automation will lead to a big gain in job numbers.


The organization for economic co-operation and development predict that employment in total may continue to rise. Robot Automation is gaining increased attention especially more recently sparked by COVID-19 but is it too early to say what effect the pandemic will have long term.


Robot Automation is certainly helping Companies adhere to current social distancing measures. Completely Autonomous Robots are still a long way from reality which means semi -Autonomous capabilities with humans very much in the loop can achieve much better performance overall and start a brand new job sector.


San Diego based Brain Corp recently locked down 36 million to help towards the growing demand for autonomous mobile robots especially within industries effected by the pandemic.  This includes Industries such as healthcare and retail and it is predicted many other Industries will quickly follow.


As manufacturing lines start to ramp up Robot production, skill sets such as tooling and manufacturing will increase Companies productivity and improve work environments as well as creating new jobs.


We all know Humans and robots have distinct weaknesses and strengths, this means that Robots with humans in the loop is the best possible scenario for the future.