Disinfectant Robots Are Now On The Front Line In The Fight Against Covid-19.

The continual spread of the coronavirus is proving challenging for everyone but behind the scenes, scientists and Doctors are just a few of the professionals fighting to get the virus under control.  As frightening as these times are, the Virus will be controlled eventually and as we all do our bit to help, behind the scenes Disinfectant Robots are playing a huge role.


As the fight goes on, autonomous Robots are being used in the fight against the Coronavirus in various settings such as Hospitals, Nursing homes and even Buses.  Disinfectant and Sterilisation Robots are now on the front line against Covid-19.  Ultraviolet light has a record of success in treating bacteria and microorganisms and although there has not been time to conclusively prove that Ultraviolet light will completely kill Covid-19, previous testing has proved its effectiveness in treating Coronaviruses such as SARS.


The autonomous Robots are now in high demand all around the World to not only prevent the disease from spreading but to effectively be able to clean and disinfect quickly.  UVC was first discovered in 1878 by scientists and recognised as an effective way to kill microorganisms, this then led to the development of artificial UVC which could then be used in hospitals, supermarkets and leisure facilities to clean more effectively and quicker than Humans could.  The self -driving disinfectant Robots are equipped with a self -driving Robot platform which is equipped with a UV light system.


Using UVC must be done using specialist equipment and Companies which supply the equipment are fast running out of their supplies as the fight against Coronavirus continues.  It is estimated that these Robots will increase dramatically in all public places over the next year as the fight continues against Covid-19.