3 industries where cobots are making a splash

CobotsCobotsCobots (or collaborative robots to give them their full title) are starting to be seen more and more in the business world now. A cobot can work alongside human staff and are packed full of next-gen tech to do this safely and efficiently. This is in direct contrast to traditional robotics in factories which are merely controlled by human workers and have to be shut away behind cages.

But which industries are making full use of this fabulous robotic technology?


For many years, traditional robotics have not been suitable for use in many areas within agriculture. This is especially true for harvesting tasks where robots could easily damage produce by gripping it too tightly. One of the advantages of cobots is that they are designed to have a more delicate touch and greater sensitivity to the task in hand. This makes them ideal for jobs like this in farming. Of course, cobots are also much safer when it comes to working alongside humans or animals.

Textile industry

We all know that the manufacturing sector in general makes great use of cobots but the textile industry, in particular, has lots of uses for them. A cobot offers high levels of precision and accuracy which is perfect for cutting material to length. They are also very good at moving fabric without damaging it, due to their ability to alter how tightly they grip material. By using cobots, textile workshops can also drive down the human error rate and avoid wastage.

Food processing

One specific industry where cobots can really help is food processing. Cobots can take on repetitive work that humans may find too tiresome for example. A cobot can not only work next to humans on these dull tasks but do them with total accuracy and without ever complaining. Robots like this are also mobile enough to move to whichever part of the factory they are needed and can work in temperatures that humans could find difficult.

Robot hire to suit any industry

In truth, the above are just 3 industries where cobots can make a real difference to productivity. Pretty much all sectors could benefit from using these collaborative robots alongside human staff to get more reliable, quicker results. Get in touch today to see the cobots has for hire and more details about them.