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Collaborative Robots

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Automate Your CNC Machine Tending With a Robotic Arm

Maximize efficiency on your CNC machine, Increase quality, Optimize production, and Improve performance.

Panda Cobot

Competitive Advantage Easy to Get

Cost-effective, flexible, safe, and easy-to-use collaborative robots (cobots) are just the ticket to increase your competitiveness.

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ABB YuMi® – Dual-Arm Collaborative Robot

Now Available at Bots Automation

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Hire Your Automation Solution From £29.99 per day
Zero Upfront Investment – No Minimum Agreement

Companies we have worked with:

John Doe

““Other UK SMEs thinking about taking the plunge with automation should absolutely take the leap. If it works for a bespoke and fast-paced operation like ourselves then I’m confident the cost and time savings for other businesses would be equally significant.””

James Clephan
Operations Director - B-Looney
John Doe

““Before selecting the robots, we made a comparison with other companies’ robots, but in the end the UR10 was selected because of its advantages in cost for a single robot, as well as its weight capacity.”

Mr Nakamura
Expert Headman - Nissan
John Doe

““Collaborative robots have helped eliminate the ergonomic risk completely. They are user-friendly, maintenance-free and extremely efficient. We are really happy to have Universal Robots’ cobots on our line.””

Ranjit Ekde
Head of Manufacturing Suply Chain - L'Oréal