Robotics In Manufacturing Are On The Rise

Industrial Robots are becoming faster, smarter and cheaper and many Companies have already integrated them into their workforce, with many others seriously considering adding them to their businesses.


The misconception that Robots are going to take jobs is now being replaced with the more realistic reality that Industrial Robots in particular are working alongside humans rather than replacing them.


There is a huge variety of different Robots all able to perform different tasks including Painting, welding, pick and place, product inspection and testing, grinding polishing and buffing. All of these applications are carried out with a speed and precision that cannot be matched by manual labor.


Robot Automation continues to advance at alarming speed with industrial Robots emerging as influential players.  The automotive industry has a great deal to thank from automation and for over 50 years Robot automation has been used in the Automotive industry for product testing and assembly line processes.


Automotive technology is also at the forefront of electronics manufacturing and the types of Robots working in this industry are responsible for increasing productivity. The use of Cobots in this industry is particularly popular because of their variability in task handling and their unique ability to work alongside Employee’s.


Robots within the medical Industry are also increasing with specific Robots assisting surgeons when performing surgeries, they are used because particular surgeries require precision which Robots are really very good at,


Robots used in Food manufacturing are increasing product quality in the production process by using machine vision sensors and camera’s and the results provide better consistent quality of food and improved safety for consumers.


The agricultural industry is managing to utilize Robots to increase productivity whilst lowering costs. Farmers are more easily able to detect diseases and pests by taking advantage of sensor technology. Robots within the agricultural industries can also easily be used for jobs such as pruning, spraying and weed removal.