Why 2020 Onwards Must Be A Time For Robot Automation Within The UK

We know that UK Manufacturers must tip the balance in favor of automation to avoid falling behind international competition.  The UK is the only G7 Country with a Robot density below the worlds average.  It is estimated that the UK has just 74 units per 10000 workers which puts the UK behind 14 other European Countries.


There is no doubt that British Manufacturing has a challenge ahead and if it does not make the effort needed to transition to the fourth industrial revolution, it will miss vital opportunities for growth.


One of the main oppositions to Robot automation is price, with many considering it too expensive but in actual fact if you consider that we around 30% less productive per hour than many overseas manufacturers, the UK is already on a losing streak.


The main problem is a lack of understanding surrounding Robot Automation and there is still a general mistrust of Robots in the work place. This mindset needs to be overcome if Automation is to be implemented and productivity increased.


Organizations such as worldskills inspire and encourage young people to enter the industry by providing clear pathways on how to enter the industry.  Automation actually brings an increase in opportunities for everyone in manufacturing. Automation is often mistakenly viewed with suspicion becomes it drives and increases productivity, failure to automate will result in a failure of productivity which poses a very real threat to UK Businesses.


We are living with that threat now and it isn’t something that will come in the future, the UK has already fallen behind other Countries and we now need to do something very quickly to rectify this. It starts with a correct awareness surrounding the role Automation will play within businesses and rather than focus on Robot Automation taking jobs away, we must focus on the positive aspects of increased productivity which will enhance employee roles and provide more training and much better opportunities within the work place for all employee’s.