How robot Arms Are Being Used In Many Universities To Further Enhance Learning.

Universities are pushing the boundaries with cobot integration by introducing franka Emika Robot arms and using open source software which allows students to integrate the software to assist with learning in new and innovative ways. have installed these Robots in many universities including Southampton University, Leicester, Nottingham, Cardiff and Liverpool where they are being used to further enhance students learning and gain confidence in the open source software.


Tasks that can be carried out include picking and placing of both small and intricate objects which is now possible with the advanced software. Robots are being used to automate repetitive tasks , allowing students to concentrate on more important things.


Electrical testing, pick and place and phone testing are all now very possible with the software and students are learning how to integrate this into their everyday tasks, maintaining a superior work level and saving time.


Students are also learning the capabilities of Robots and how and when they should be used within the workplace and industry insiders believe this will only enhance learning within universities, producing many opportunities in the future.