How Robot Arms Are Being Used In Universities For Remote Training.

Robots in many forms are already becoming integrated into learning within Universities and combined with artificial intelligence,  they are improving learning especially individual learning.


Many Universities are joining forces and two such Universities doing just that are Glasgow University and The University of Electronic Science and Technology Of China in Chengdu.  Students are having firsthand experience of remotely programming Robot Arms located in a building on Glasgow Universities Campus.


Universities are realising the importance of giving students as much hands on experience as they can. The pilot project is an important step towards helping to realise Education 4.0, Integrating A1, Robots and other technology into classrooms.


During the recent pandemic, teaching has become mainly remote for both schools, colleges and Universities. This has posed problems for both Students and staff but it has also opened up many possibilities for teaching. It is also allowing students to complete vital practical work in a lab practically at anytime and anywhere in the world.


Tasks that would normally be carried out by students in the lab are being replaced by remote learning where Students will use the Robot Arms, operate them remotely and complete tasks.


Many tasks can be completed including building circuits as part of their course work and operators can pre- program the Robots, controlling the path the robots will take to pick up parts,  the parts will then be placed and connected to build circuits.


There are now plans to investigate the possibility of making the Robot Arm fully user controlled via webcam and then integrating it into the universities 5G testbed. This opens up many new possibilities for telepresence with an almost instant connection between systems anywhere in the world. Robots in Universities will be able to connect with many other similar Robots in Universities across the world, expanding knowledge and experience for Students and Teachers.


Could this mean that lecturers might not be needed to travel around the world in the future, instead using direct control of Robots with zero lag connections, having a physical presence in the lab from the other side of the world.