The Growth Of Service Robots

According to the international federation of Robotics World Robotics Report 2018 , the combined market value from 2019 through to 2021 for professional service robots is estimated to be worth 37 billion.


A major factor in the positive future of service robots for professional use is the introduction of the robots as a service.  With the advancements in technology, increased investment and better understanding, there is lots of opportunity emerging in this dynamic Industry.


Demand for service robots has risen starkly in industries such as healthcare, agricultural and defense and this is largely driving the market growth. Additionally the numbers of service robots manufacturers have increased dramatically and with new and improved technology, lower prices and increased and more advanced features, there is now a much stronger market.


The number of developing nations on the world scene has also increased as they look at add robot solutions to their businesses.  The advancements in technology means that fully automated solutions can now be applied which is also adding to the popularity of service robots.


In the medical industry automated robots are being added to operating and therapy rooms within hospitals and rehabilitation robots can now assist with bedridden patients.


The agricultural sector is seeing a rise in Robots assisting farmers with labor intensive tasks such as milking. There is a greater need now for farmers to be able to compete and by introducing service robots to cover many labor intensive tasks, farmers are able to improve and speed up their processes.


Robots are regularly being used in the defense markets to reduce human casualties during defense activities.  Robots are able to conduct discreet surveillance for both internal and external threats.


The change in attitude and the growing acceptance of service robots is driving market growth and with improved ease of use, increased quality and lower expenses, it is estimated that the market for service robots is strong.