Install cobot automation for more economical, precise, industrial painting

Once upon a time, it was only the boring, messy and jobs with high safety risk factors that were entrusted to robots. The types of tasks that required a more delicate touch were set aside for human workers. But process automation and the development of collaboration robots (cobots for short) in particular has changed all that.

Cobot systems working alongside people in the workplace are now performing tasks where precision is vital. They are outperforming the capabilities of their human counterparts. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the painting industry.

Precision painting courtesy of cobot automation

Cobot automation is now being used to carry out precision painting, leaving the human part of the workforce free to carry out quality checks. This type of advanced industrial automation can increase productivity by as much as 50% without having to make redundancies. Instead, workers who previously painted can be retrained as cobot programmers.

Not only will cobot automation increase workflow, but it can also significantly reduce the amount of paint wasted as it can accurately control the flow of paint through the nozzle. The result? You can paint more items with the same quantity of paint.

Smarter and more sensitive

A cobot is much more intelligent than an ordinary industrial robot. Improved “awareness” and capability has been brought about through cobots’ advanced, smart technological systems, and the latest highly sensitive sensors that have been developed. They have become aware of the humans in their close vicinity and have been programmed to be completely safe to work with.

Painting in the car industry benefits from cobot automation

One of the biggest industries that benefits from cobot automation is the car industry. Cobots are used not just to paint car bodies; they are also used for tasks such as painting and fitting shock absorbers. Thanks to their high-tech inbuilt sensors, they can detect anything in the way and shut down immediately providing a safer working environment

Not only does the cobot automated painting process save on the amount of paint being wasted, because it doesn’t leave any drips behind, it also creates a cleaner workplace too. Needless to say, the quality of the paint finish is superb.