Five ways cobots can increase productivity

Cobots – collaborative robots – are robots specially designed to work alongside human employees to complete a range of tasks. An increasing number of business leaders are making the move to integrate cobots into their workplace as a means to improve productivity.

To help you understand why cobots can boost productivity in this way, we’ve put together a list of their many advantages:

1. Cobots can optimise certain processes

Cobots are great for optimising simple processes and completing repetitive tasks traditionally undertaken by employees. Indeed, setting up a cobot can help to minimise the possibility of human error when it comes to certain tasks and frees up employee time. This may allow workers to pursue more creative avenues and to help grow your business.

2. Cobots are quick and easy to programme

Cobots feature user-friendly software that can be programmed in under an hour. Indeed, cobots have amazing abilities to learn new actions very quickly, something traditional industry robots simply do not possess. The capacity for cobots to increase productivity, therefore, is very clear.

3. Easy to install

Most traditional robots take a few days or weeks to be installed and to get on with productive tasks. The installation time for a cobot, however, is around half an hour thanks to its intuitive software.

4. Cobots have a higher capacity for accuracy than humans

Cobots can perform actions much more accurately than humans, thereby minimising errors and improving production rates. This is because a cobot will never deviate from the actions it is programmed to perform and will always do so with the same amount of power. If a cobot has been programmed to tighten screws, for example, it is will do so with exactly the same pressure and tension for every single screw. This is a quality that humans simply do not possess.

5. Cobots can have a positive effect on staff members

Cobots are not designed to replace employees. Rather, they can help people get more out of their working life by raking on monotonous, unsafe, or repetitive jobs. In this way, cobots can actually help to nurture a happier work environment and boost levels of job satisfaction. Remember that happy employees are productive employees.