Birmingham Robotics

Birmingham Robotics

Birmingham is England’s West midlands region major city. Its known as the second largest city in the metropolitan are in the United Kingdom. Robotics is a branch of science and engineering field which includes electronic engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, computer science etc. robotics handles the design, operation, the use of robots also computer systems for their control, information processing with sensory feedback. These technologies are used to design machines that can take the place of human workers or replicate human actions. Robots are used in different ways and for a lot of purposes, but in today’s world many robots are used in dangerous environment, production lines or in a place under water, high heat that contained hazardous materials.

Birmingham robotics university have a robotics laboratory that is known as Intelligent Robotics lab in field of computer science. They have the record of working on basic and applied research projects at the connection of machine learning and robotics. Their researchers are experts in computer idea, dexterous manipulation, cognitive systems, interactive learning, knowledge representation etc. Birmingham university research educational and research projects on robotics are financed by competitive grands industrial collaborators in the UK and other countries.

Laboratory is a major part of a new initiative research that focused on cognitive robotics and computational neuroscience. Birmingham robots’ researchers uses computer-based models implemented in robot to test ideas about how intelligence works. Some robotics researchers work with engineering and others work with biological intelligence, the challenge of producing the latest algorithms required for robots to see, learn, communicate and plan.

Birmingham university offers master’s programme in robotics, this programme is intended for graduate of many disciplines who have knowledge of programming. They provide the opportunities for their trainees to explore theories of software tools and intelligent robotic control needed for implementing algorithms in robot manipulators and mobile robots.

Birmingham Robotics has had a strong history of providing great robotics. They provide a high quality and automation solutions for life science and manufacturing industries. The Birmingham Robotics is also known to have one of the best robotics ever since Captain Richards and A.H Reffel built the first robot in 1928. Its interesting to know that UK is one of the leading centres for robotics.

There is something known as the UK robotics week which Birmingham is among. Every summer, events and exhibitions are conducted to celebrate UK’s world leading in technology as referring to robotics and automation. They also engage schools, colleges and universities in the UK, encouraging them with digital skills for the nearest future and United Kingdom economy.

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