Cobots Companies

Cobots Companies

Cobots have been around since 1990s, but in the recent year’s developments in automaton technology and sensors and artificial intelligence, have increase their profile quite substantially. Before acquainting you with different cobots companies, I will like you to know little about cobots. Cobots is also known as collaborative robots, are envisioned to interact with humans in shared space to work securely nearby. Cobots stand in contrast to traditional industrial robots, which are intended to function separately with protection assured by separation from social links. With sensors and other design features such as rounded edges and lightweight materials, collaborative robots (cobots) can interrelate directly with humans. Service robots, which are for domestic and professional use, can be considered to be cobots as they are planned to function together with humans. Cobots can perform many functions, and it can be used to power repetitive and tasks that are not ergonomic such as fetching and carrying weighty parts, machine feeding, and final assembly.  Cobots enable electronics manufacturers to extend robotics to final finishing tasks and quality inspection.

Here are cobots companies that you should know:

ABB Inc: built what is called the first world collaborative robot. Its YuMi robot is targeted primarily automating functions in the consumers electronics manufacturers.

Epson Robots: they manufacture cobots for precision assembly and to take of material in companies including automotive, consumer products, aerospace, and the medical device manufacturer. Rather than moving around by itself, Epson robots are able to fold through themselves, making it much smaller than typic 6 – axis robots. Epson has also an additional proprietary vibration reduction technology to the robots to add in doing specific work and taking care of delicate objects.

FANUC: fanuc is an automation company that got into collaborative robotics way back 2015 when it released the CR – 35iA, a 6-axis robot intended to target the same and applications as rethink Baxter. This company has covered robot in a green foam material.

Festo: festo is formally a pneumatic and electromechanical system manufacturer before their initiative to develop products in the cobots. Festo via its cooperative efforts with researchers, universities and students as well as development companies, this cobots company called Festo has develop not less than three cobots products.

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Locus Robotics: this is an e-commerce fulfilment cobots company focused on enhancing labour productivity in the manufacturers warehouses via the using cobots. With its cloud Locus Robotics Advance Navigation software, this cobots company is targeting to optimize their robot navigation precision and performance.

There are many other cobots companies you can find on online.

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