Cobot vs robot: What are the key differences?

When it comes to a cobot and a robot in work settings, many people confuse them or think they are the same thing. As this is still a fairly new technology for most people to understand, this is not unexpected. It is important to note that a cobot is different from a robot in many ways though. Knowing what these differences are will help you to choose the right one to use in your business.

But what are the major ways they differ?

How they interact with humans

Perhaps the key difference between a cobot and robot is how they actually carry out tasks in a work environment. Robots are normally large machines which carry out jobs to fixed programs or a set of pre-configured commands. They will simply carry on doing these tasks with no regard for any human workers until finished or shut down. Accidents are normally prevented by erecting safety cages or fences around them. Cobots, though, actually work with humans. Their design means they can work safely alongside people rather than blindly following sets of commands. Rather than being shut away behind fences or cages, they can work in the normal business environment and help with a range of more complex non-automated tasks.

How they operate

Traditional industrial robots are not armed with the ability to learn independently or solve queries themselves. They rely on the input of a skilled operator to tell them what to do, how to do it and also fix any issues which arise. A cobot is easier to program and can even perform independent learning in many cases. This means that they can be left to perform key work tasks and allow your human workforce to carry out their own jobs with total confidence.

Cobots give greater versatility

Robots are great for carrying out one specific task but are not adept at handling a whole range of general tasks. Traditional robots can also be too heavy to move around and are not easy to reprogram in order to carry out new tasks. Cobots, on the other hand, are portable and lightweight so you can easily move them to where they are required. These collaborative machine workers can also be reprogrammed and retrained to carry out most tasks that are needed.

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The simple fact is that both robots and cobots have their place in many commercial settings still. If you think a cobot is more suited to your needs though, get in touch with  today, email Our range of top quality machines will help streamline your processes and boost productivity.