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Franka Research 3

Empowering Robotic Research

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany using mechanical and engineering competence combined with innovative software and platform expertise, the Franka Research 3 is ready to ignite the creative and analytical minds of anyone and everyone involved in robotics research across the globe.

About Franka Research 3

The FR3 boasts an impressive level of dexterity, rivaling that of a human arm. It is equipped with a complex system of over 100 sensors, including cutting-edge torque sensors in all 7 axes, designed in-house by Franka Emika and considered among the best in the industry.

These sensors enable the robot to perform tasks that require delicate manipulation and force-based applications with exceptional accuracy. As a result, the robot is highly regarded for its ability to mimic human-like movements and perform tasks that were previously only possible for humans.



855 mm / 33.66 ins



3 kg / 6.61387 lbs






17.8kg / 39.3 lbs


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Catering
  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Machine Tooling
  • Medical


  • 7 axes with torque sensors on each
  • FCI Control Interface
  • Desk browser based UI with drag/drop apps
  • Watchman safety systems protecting students & staff
  • Community resources for project collaboration & resource sharing


  • Torque sensors on all 7 axes
  • Pose repeatability of < +/- 0.1 mm (ISO 9283) mm
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) for internet and/or shop-floor connection
  • Control via easy to use web-based interface from a computer, laptop or tablet
  • Effortless, smooth hand-guiding, position logging and interaction


  • Easy to program
  • Sensitive Insertion
  • Repeatability
  • Collision vs Interaction
  • Unique Sensitivity
  • Health & Safety compliant

Robot System

Franka Research 3´s robot system includes the Arm and its Control. The force-sensitive agile Arm features 7 DOF with torque sensors at each joint, industrial-grade pose repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm, and negligible path deviation even at high velocities. It comes with a 3kg payload, a reach of 855 mm, and a workspace coverage of 94.5%


Desk is the browser-based user interface that offers quick robot control options, and where Apps can be dragged and dropped into a sequence to create entire tasks in no ti me. Ideal for rapid prototyping of robot behaviors, setup of experiments, simple human-robot interaction studies and demos.

FCI (Franka Control Interface)

FCI is the ideal interface to explore low-level programming and control schemes, providing the current status of the robot and enabling its direct torque control, at 1 kHz. On top of the C++ interface libfranka, integrati on with the most popular ecosystems ROS, ROS2 and MATLAB & Simulink is available!

Resources and Community

An open and global research ecosystem enabled by a powerful robotics platf orm for quicker time to results and publishing. Franka Research 3 is the reference platform to integrate existing research, share breakthroughs and collaborate on projects, replicate studies, and promote papers within the community

Buy Franka Emika Research 3 Robot Arm

From £25,999+vat

Hire Franka Emika Research 3 Robot Arm

From £65+vat per day


3kg/ 6.6 lbs

855mm/33.66 in

Degrees of freedom
7 rotating joints

Desk Library

Technical Build

Weight (with cable)
~17.8 kg

Ambient Temperature

Power Consumption
Average ~ 80W

Supply Voltage
100V – 240V AC

Brochure & Technical Specifications

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