How Close Is The Robotic Revolution

As Businesses and Manufacturers are struggling to understand how best to operate their businesses within the new norm, Robotics are once again generating considerable attention.


As the pandemic continues, manufacturers are looking for new ways to operate their businesses and it seems Robotics will play a considerable role.  The global Tech Market advisory firm ABI Research reports that the pandemic has spotlighted a number of use cases for mobile Robotics.


Mobile Robotics will be used to Disinfect using UVC, move objects and materials, clean, monitor and Surveillance. It is estimated that the mobile Robotics market will reach 23Billion by 2022 and it is estimated that Robots will be mainstreamed across a range of Markets and applications.


All businesses are having to adapt to long term changes within their organisations and autonomous Robots will be used to help ensure social distancing measures are adhered to, reducing the risk of infection and contamination between people.


Many Industries including Pet Care, Medical and electronics are already using Robots to help their businesses function more efficiently. Industries such as hospital, Museums, Care homes and Airports are employing the use of UVC Robots to clean and disinfect areas to reduce the risk of infection considerably.


Traditional industrial Robots have evolved steadily over the last few years, this is largely due to evolving technologies such as machine learning, machine vision and artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence now enables robots applicable in less structured environments. Applying Robotics to many other applications is now much more possible than it ever was and many tasks and applications that were once impossible to automate are now within easy reach with AI.


Many business owners now better understand how Robot applications can make a difference to their business and the key to success is taking the time to understand the workflow and to ensure the Robotics solution fits well within its environment.