How Robots Will Reshape The Economy – Post Pandemic

The World continues its fight against the current pandemic and with social distancing set to be very much part of our lives for the foreseeable future, Robots are coming forward to fill in the gaps.


Many Robot Companies across the World are seeing increased sales of Robots for various uses.  As our ability to go shopping has been compromised, there has been a surge of interest and sales in delivery Robots which can deliver food and take away meals to Neighbourhoods. In the US delivery Robots are commonly being used to serve College students who will have to remain socially distanced.


Robots have always been considered a convenience but with recent changes, they are now being seen as  necessity which is a real market shift.  The use of Robots will also enter many other markets including the Catering Industry and Restaurants. With People returning back to work, they will have to remain a safe distance from each other and Robots will be used to maintain hygiene and safety amongst staff.  Robots can also be installed to carry out some of the food preparation which will allow staff to be further away from each other whilst not moving around as much as usual.


Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the traceability of their food and who may have come into contact with it.  Robot food services provide a service where bowls enter on one side and filled bowls come out the other side without being touches by the Human hand.


Other organisations will now be looking for solutions to ensure they decrease human contact and provide safety for workers whilst being able to continue work as normal. Automating and electrifying transport (AET)  also reduces direct human contact across the supply chain which reduces risk for everyone involved.


UV Disinfection Robots are being used in many public places including Hospital, Care Homes and Supermarkets to ensure hygiene is at its highest level whilst speeding up the cleaning process.  The Cleaning Robots are able to accurately record Data of what areas have been cleaned and when, this is both saving time but recording vital and important information.


We are seeing increased sales of Robots across many sectors and there is a growing realisation that the effects of Covid-19 is not something that will disappear for some time.